Children's Global Art Exchange

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The Children's Global Art & Culture Connection

School art programs in the United States support children in third world countries. Local school children adopt a class in a developing country through the Class-ACT Children's Creative Art Link. Through this process teachers and classrooms across time zones, countries, and cultures, create meaningful connections and provide possibilities for future generations.

Mission Statement:

Helping families improve their quality of life through microcredit programs for mothers and arts education for children, both locally and in the developing world.

Local Arts Education:

In the area of arts education, we maintain a high caliber of local arts programming, presenting a broad range of talented art instructors that deliver quality programs to classrooms in our community, and help children with techniques in supporting the process of adopting a classroom in a developing world country. The positive energy generated by Class-ACT arts programming brings not only transferable skills for children that build confidence and enhance academic excellence, but also carries into the neighborhood, providing arts and cultural enrichment for families and the community at large.

Global Art Exchange Outreach:

Our global community outreach component, the Children's Global Art Exchange program, is designed to support arts education for adopted classrooms in a developing world country. Local school art programs link our children with those in the adopted classrooms where we fund school supplies, school art projects, facility improvements and other educational needs. We promote awareness of the existing needs in the developing world, and teach local children that even small amounts of money can be of great help when donated to children in poor developing countries.

World Peace Through Art Education:

Class-ACT is committed to teach the value of promoting charitable work for children around the world, bring assistance to underprivileged and underserved families. Raising funds for global art exchange and education helps children share art through global school networks. These communication links between schools worldwide encourage understanding and acceptance of different cultures and promote peace. We believe the best way to sustain and elevate the development of the human race is to provide future generations around the world with personal growth opportunities. By linking classrooms through cultural art programs we provide children with giveback opportunities to improve service learning, and increase their global awareness, empathy for other cultures, and personal responsibility to world unity.