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Using appropriate dance terminology, imagery and imagination, children discover conceptual and practical forms of dance. Folk dances connect children to adopted classroom art and culture. International forms of dance can enhance the children’s fundraising project to bring arts funding to poor schools in developing countries.

Arts Education

Arts Education enhances creativity and increases creative thinking and problem-solving skills; and has been proven to increase communication skills vitally needed in today’s complex society with its emphasis on technology and mass communication. A variety of studies have demonstrated that participation in arts programs is critically important to education and learning, and leads to greater academic achievement.

A valuable historical perspective:

"Dance is an experience in movement. Whether accompanied by words, music, sounds, or silence, bodily movement represents an important means of expression. For many generations and in many cultures, people have danced socially to entertain one another, communicate their deepest feelings and emotions, and celebrate their humanity……Dance embodies control, perception, flexibility, and rhythm along with an awareness of one’s movements within an environment and in combination with other dancers……The vocabulary of dance includes the basic elements of time, space, and form or energy. In a well-planned dance education program, students grow in understanding dance and its elements through direct experience."

- California Visual and Performing Arts Framework

The Class-ACT Focus

Decades of Dance in America

Our main program explores the history of dance in America, and meets the Performing Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools by using appropriate dance terminology, imagery and imagination to teach the basic elements of dance: time, space and energy. The result is a learning experience that enhances the creative process in children, encourages children to problem solve, interpret and to learn the enjoyment of dance.