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"Class-ACT’s programs have reached a new plateau and we are honored to have programs of this stature in the city. The educational content and quality are leaps and bounds above the norm."

- Jim Gilliam, Arts Administrator, City of Encinitas

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"I ask that these valuable Class-ACT programs be considered a priority….programs that have a positive impact on academic success."

-Doug DeVore, Ed. D., Superintendent, Encinitas Union School District

"We could not have provided these wonderful experiences to our students without the support of Class-ACT"

-Gail Patterson, Ed. D., Principal, Park Dale Lane Elementary School


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"I recognize the value of the Class-ACT programs, and the significant role they play in the lives of children."

-Emily Andrade, Principal, Capri Elementary School

"The program benefited all children in a multitude of ways...an experience they will never forget."

-Kelly Cole, Ocean Knoll Elementary School

"This great program helps kids learn using different modalities, and connects directly with the state standards."

-Jan Krehbiel, Park Dale Lane Elementary


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"We loved the program. I learned so much, and I’ve been given great ideas for teaching for years to come!" "Thanks."

-Janice Murray, Ada Harris Elementary

"This is such a great program that helps kids learn using different modalities and connects directly with 3rd grade social studies standards. Great program for the kids."

-Tad Hodgson, Ocean Knoll Elementary

"This program was outstanding in every aspect. We would love to participate in any program you can provide!"

-La Costa Heights Elementary School


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"Awesome experience for all! Can’t wait to do it again."

-John Brown, El Camino Creek Elementary

"The results were amazing. This program was invaluable for the children."

-Ruth Johnson, Capri Elementary

"This program was excellent for Hispanic children. Dancing is a big part of their culture and it was great to see the children exposed to other dances from the United States."

–Ms. Van Lear, Cardiff Elementary


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"This is a great opportunity for our students, especially coming from low-income households who normally wouldn’t be able to participate."

-Ms. Campagna, Paul Ecke Central Elementary

"It truly has been amazing watching the children grow and learn through the art of music."

-Kelly Chadwick, Paul Ecke Central Elementary

"The program really helped the students to be more confident and outgoing. This program was an excellent program that was exciting and fun for everyone."

–Mr. Carter, Cardiff Elementary


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"This was an exceptional program. The children and parents loved it. Great Program!"

-Ms. Clausen, Flora Vista Elementary

"The children learn so much on so many levels." "Thank you!"

-Mr. Lake, Cardiff Elementary

"What a wonderful opportunity for all students. Even though each child had a different need they all were included and participated the entire session. The parents loved the shadow puppet theatre we put together for the last days."

-Tayna DeGregorio, Park Dale Lane Elementary School


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"This program taught the kids so much. Sadly enough, something that is lacking in our public schools! Thanks for the great experience for working with Class-ACT"

–Nancy Bjorstad, Cardiff Elementary

"Excellent…. Interesting…. The instructor knows how to get and hold attention of the children. A great program that fits into the existing school program! Very helpful, and a high point for the children."

-Eugene Fernandez, Park Dale Lane Elementary